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With a lifelong passion for art history, on this art and jewelry blog I share with you my encounters and reflections as anindependent appraiser for the past 20 years, to help you with your buying and selling projects. How does the art market work? Which artists and talents are worth following?

Since 2021, a new generation of artists under the age of 40 has been shaking up traditional codes. The use of new digital tools projects us towards artistic universes in the physical and/or virtual world. With the arrival of artificial intelligence and NFTs, everything is set to change, transforming our habits towards what we call the metaverse and "web3 ".

Let's meet the artists of the Riviera and be inspired by our region's cultural heritage. Let's revisit emblematic sites and major exhibitions organized in the region, to recharge our batteries with the Great History of art. Sharing knowledge also perpetuates the transmission of our skills of excellence.

We look forward to seeing you at our next events, "Autour d'un café, le rendez-vous des collectionneurs" and Masterclass "culture web3 ". Contact me by following this link: events

Cécile Agu, Art market expert and Gemmologist

NFT art

Photography and NFT

The art photography market relies on the sale of a limited number of physical prints. However, with the rise of Instagram and social networks

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Surveys and inventories

Protect your Temporal Treasures

Protect your temporal treasures The Importance of Insurance Policies for Watch Collectors Welcome to the blog of Riviera Fine Art, your reference in the field of timepieces.

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Art advisor

Collectors' Circle and web3

The advent of crypto-art in 2021 has turned my view of art history on its head. Like you, I was surprised by the sale of Beeple's work

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Jewelry and watches

History of the Rolex brand

Rolex brand watches are known all over the world today. Here are some milestones in the history of the brand, which dates back to the beginning of the

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