Carole Pavio, conceptual artist

Plastic artist

It is always a pleasure to meet such a radiant person. She carries you away in her luminous creative universe. Carole Pavio conceived her exhibition in 4 different universes in the Saint Esprit room of Valbonne.

"simple complexities", "openings", "comedia dell'arte", and "origins" take us to different horizons. 


Inspired by Mondrian and the De Still art movement, the artist also knew how to detach herself from it to assert her personality.

Her background in art therapy remains present in her colorful and geometric works. However, she gives such energy to her work that nothing is left to chance. 

As we can discover in her workshop on the following video clip,

His pieces definitely reconcile us with contemporary art.

From now on you can follow her in her new workshop in Grasse .