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Christian Dior, 1947-2017

The International Perfumery Museum in Grasse exhibits the creations of Monsieur Christian Dior. His perfumes always produce a wonderful effect on our olfactory senses, those of a mixture of imagination and well-being. Christian Dior lived in Grasse in his youth. In 1951, he bought the Château de la Colle Noire estate in Montauroux in the Var, to make it an exceptional vacation spot. This estate now belongs to the LVMH group. 

To pay tribute to the father of the "Miss Dior" perfume , launched the same year as his New look collection, the Museum presents the exhibition "Esprit de parfums". The museum's focus is on the stages of creation of the collections in relation to the post-war women's fashion scene. At the same time as Grasse, the Parisian Museum of Decorative Arts celebrates " Dior, a couturier of dreams" until January 2018.

A decade at the head of his fashion house (1947-1957)

His vocation for the arts was thwarted by his father's industrial background. However, while studying in Paris at the School of Political Science, he opened an art gallery that allowed him to rub shoulders with the world of artists.

It was only after the war that he founded a fashion house in his name with the help of an industrialist friend. Launched at the same time in 1947, the Corolle dress and the Miss Dior perfume totally embody the need for feminine modernity. It is a worldwide success that still makes people dream today.

Vintage fashion always in demand

The clothes of the Dior brand are selling very well in auction rooms around the world. We find a navy blue jacket in very good condition, sold for 100 euros last August.

They are often professionals who resell these signed objects on merchant sites specialized in the resale of luxury brand products via the Internet. We can mention for example "Instant luxe", "Collectorsquare". 

Stores or auctions dedicated to luxury brands

Several "luxury depot" stores specialize in the resale of scarves, bags, shoes or any other accessories of the Dior brand.

For any transaction, it is recommended to use the services of specialists of the brand who can attest to the authenticity of the objects. Unfortunately, there are many counterfeits on the market, including the production of dubious documents.

The iconic creations of the House of Dior

On the official Dior website, you can see a TV channel. The marketing power of this brand is exponential, supported by the LVMH group.

Emblematic products

We will mention a few key products. The timeless Lady DI black bag is €3,200. The watch D by Dior bee displays € 290 000 on the site. Yes, you read that right! Under the impetus of the creator Victoire de Castellane, DIOR jewelry takes on another dimension. 

Faced with strong international demand, the prices of these iconic products continue to rise, resulting in an increase in the brand's vintage items as well. The demand is still strong for the second-hand market. The phenomenon of owning luxury brand items has spread to all social categories.

Traceability is essential to enhance the value of objects

Of course, it is advisable to keep your purchase invoices and packaging in good condition in order to value the goods. They will be precious in case of disaster and also when reselling on the second-hand market.

Faced with the many counter-measures, proof of purchase is becoming essential for both professional and non-professional buyers.