Artistic glass, an investment-passion

glass is biotiful art glassware

The contemporary creation in art glass has been deeply renewed. Artistic glass with improbable shapes and colors replace the window objects of our grandparents.

Visit this amazing (virtual) exhibition Glass is Biotiful, which presents a true panorama of the diversity in this artistic field. 

We share our passion for precious objects. Awaken your artistic curiosity, explore the contemporary creation of art glass and you will be surprised by the investment potential in these art objects. According to the latest ARTPRICE report, "Contemporary Art now accounts for 15% of Fine Art auctions, of which it has become the driving force with a growth of +2.100% in 20 years".

The "Glass is Biotiful II" exhibition

A fresh wind has been blowing since September 2020 in Biot, the village of "Les Templiers" located near Antibes. The glassblower and sculptor Nicolas LATY, represents the association So Big. He brings together for the second time glass artists with extraordinary know-how. 

His goal is to share "a photograph, a partial snapshot, of the international contemporary glass creation". As a connoisseur, he therefore chooses to show us the diversity of artistic currents in the field of contemporary art glass.

Whether you are an art lover or collector, you will be interested in this original exhibition. In reality, it is difficult to bring together the talents of contemporary creation in this artistic field. This cultural event has not yet been sufficiently publicized.

This year, the 3 guests of honor are: the French Damien François, the Icelandic Aesa Bjork and the Canadian artist Shelly Muzylowski Allen.

Our favorite is the American artist Rob Stern for his fluid forms that are sublimated by pastel colors. 

The glass factory of Biot

The revival of thehistory of artglass in France began with the founding of the Biot glassworks in the 1950s. And it still exists at the foot of the village.

Indeed, blown art glass is typically marked with small air bubbles. This technique was developed by Eloï Monod, an engineer by training.
This is how the master glassmakers began to explore more and more new techniques. Today, the art of glass in Biot has been deeply renewed by welcoming artists who have gone beyond the traditional formulas.

More and more daring, the artistic creation of unique pieces is found in specialized workshops.

Here are the best known contemporary galleries in Biot: Pierini contemporary glassware, glassware Val de Pole, glassware Farinelli, Nicolas Laty, Leo, Jean-Paul VanLith.

It should be noted that few women have succeeded in really breaking through in the field. Let us quote our favorite Michèle LUZORO, creator of beautiful objects kept by collectors. 

Our advice for investing 

Our first advice is to contact directly all the galleries listed on the website of the tourist office of BIOT.

To begin with, the price and the choice of the artists can be an obstacle to your decision. This is why we can accompany you.

Then, the prices fixed in the gallery can be multiplied by 2 or 3 compared to those established in the auction room. Consequently, this difference corresponds to the investments made by the gallery owner.

Moreover, the latter invests in promotion, sometimes co-producing a work, which is why it offers pieces of great value.

Very often, the artist is remunerated only at the days of the sale of his piece. Your purchases in a gallery can therefore contribute to support an artist and a whole local economy.

Each unique contemporary or antique piece deserves our admiration for its quality, and the technical and artistic know-how of the master glassmakers. Thus, elements such as the signature and the number of the work must be clearly identified.   

Ideas and examples to get started  

To start with a classic Biot glass. For example, the gift set composed of 6 cups, 2 bowls and 1 ice bucket. You can find it on the e-shop of the Verrerie de Biot for 326 €. 

Next, our favorite is an amusing animal work by Nicolas Laty. According to the estimates communicated in public sales, it will be necessary to count between 500 and 600 € including expenses. But there are no objects for sale at the moment. Consequently, you can inquire directly at his online gallery.

Finally, the master glassmaker Robert Pierini (father) remains a safe investment. Indeed, we already note more than 130 public auctions in the world. The next sale will take place on December 5, 2020 in Nîmes. It is a mushroom lamp of Robert Pierini father (1980) whose expected estimate is between 500 € and 600 €. 

Robert PIERINI Mushroom lamp in polychrome blown glass
Description of the lot 32 Robert PIERINI (Born in 1950) Mushroom, in polychrome blown glass, Circa 1980, H. 50 cm Private collection, France.
Provenance: Galerie Place des Arts 1985, Montpellier.

In conclusion, we put our expertise at your service to help you acquire and sell your works of art in the best conditions.