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Info NFT art : Art Basel in New York 2021

digital art or crypto-art

Each week, let's take the time to pause on an event among the flood of news. 

The contemporary art fair "Art Basel" goes into On-line Viewing Room (OVR) and NFT mode

Art market personalities are meeting in Miami this weekend. In fact, this international fair of modern and contemporary art began in Basel (Switzerland) in the 1970s. Later, in the 2000s, Art Basel multiplied the concept of fairs in Hong Kong and then in Miami.

From December 1 to 5, 2021, the fair presents modern and contemporary galleries in Miami Beach as well as in virtual mode. This post COVID 2019 event, brings together 253 of the leading international galleries. The latter wish to renew direct contact with old and new buyers. A new 200,000 square meter space is available for conferences and meetings as well as tours.

Art daily @alisonmoss article highlights the return to business "Art Basel Miami Beach: 'back in business'. December 2, 2021.

Physical and digital works

A new generation of collectors is also interested in investing in traditional works after buying NFTs. According to published market reports in 2021, investments on online platforms will be in the billions of dollars. 

In fact, the scope of the works presented at ART BASEL- MIAMI or OVR allows the artists the most beautiful media exposure. The world of collectors, artists meets experts and representatives of cultural institutions.

OVR: Miami Beach

60 of the most prestigious galleries present their catalogs online.

You can browse each gallery's selections by artist, geographic area or by price and sector.

Futuristic exhibition opens the door to NFT art

"Humans + Machines: NFTs and the Ever-Evolving World of Art"

"Artist Quasimondo, will generate AI portraits of fair visitors, who can then use the open-source Tezos blockchain to mint NFTs of their digital artworks." 

I will read your comments and additional information with interest. 

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