Christine Spiteri's workshop in Opio

Christine Spiteri settled on the French Riviera in 1979 as a visual artist. Her artistic researches lead her to be interested more precisely in sacred geometry. This is how her mandalas became one of her favorite themes in 2005.

More than anything, she likes to play with geometric structures and let herself be carried by the present moment. Let me explain, her works are imagined as a journey in time from prehistory. With details drawn from mythology, she transports us to the abstraction of a distant future.

This is how his imaginary journey mixes traditions from Tibet to Africa or from India to America.

His sources of inspiration are numerous, we find traces of the Mother Goddess as well as the history of our origins. Perceptible details are visible by looking around the evolution of writing. Another theme that shines through in his work is the migration of peoples during the different phases of glaciation and warming of our planet.
In conclusion, the artist Christine Spiteri takes us to the world of mythology, beliefs and knowledge.


An ethical approach with an "eco-pure" material

Christine's particularity as a sculptor lies in her eco-innovative approach. Her sculptures are made from a unique "eco-designed" pure material, a creation of the artist.

She works in modeling and then dries her creations in the sun in the summer. After this step, the heating sources of her house in winter do the rest. This zero carbon approach allows her to be in a sustainable development process.
Finally, the dry pieces are carved in the traditional way. They are patinated or painted "à la tempéra". This is an ancient process, which means that the painter uses egg yolk and natural pigments depending on the desired effect.
Among her many exhibition participations, there is the event called "OFF de la biennale de St Paul de Vence" in 2018. More recently, last February, Christine Spiteri exhibited at the space TOSTI - Plage du Loup in Villeneuve Loubet.