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Advice on buying and selling

 Personalized support

Asexperts in the art market, we can help you choose and purchase the watches, jewelry and photographs presented in our luxury E-Boutique.

Fine art photography

cecile agu IMG_1382
Cécile Agu, Art market and luxury expert

Fine art photography and limited editions 

Discover Riviera Fie Art's exclusive series by photographers inspired by the Côte d'Azur, from Marseille to Genoa. 

Daniel Boss is passionate about vintage luxury cars. He captures the magical atmosphere of the Principality of Monaco, which he has known since childhood. 

Maja Kerin is a professional fashion photographer. We are delighted to present her sensibility on the notion of "imperfection" in our environment. 

Thanks to our photo competition, other Riviera artists will soon be joining our E-boutique. Subscribe to our newsletter to stay informed. 


Second-hand jewelry and watches

rolex oyster perpetual date submariner gold and steel

Our selection of iconic, turnkey brand items 

The craze for second-hand watches and jewelry has caught the imagination of investors and connoisseurs everywhere. But the question of authenticity and trust can be a deterrent. All our models are guaranteed authentic and in working order. 

We offer iconic vintage watches and jewelry from luxury brands. This sector is booming. We also hope to help preserve and improve the transmission of our heritage. Visit our luxury E-boutique

Jewelry design workshop

Picasso collection, private

web3 design office

web3 conference with wallcrypt
Web3 café with Jean-Luc Lasquellec, founder of Wallcrypt

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