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Visit of the FIAC 2016 at the Grand Palais - Meeting with the gallery owner Jérome Poggi

Dialogue with the Parisian gallery owner, Jerôme POGGI

Art market expertise at the FIAC

The knowledge of the functioning and the actuality of the Contemporary Art market seems to me essential to our profession of Expert specialized in Furniture and Precious objects. Our friend Frédéric Elkaim, founder of the Franco-Swiss circle of Art Lovers, tells us about the strategic choices of the FIAC organizing committee.

The strategic choices of FIAC 2016

Firstly, the Committee is moving towards a more focused and on-site selection of galleries. Indeed, it is a question of mixing sure values of the modern art with those of the contemporary art. To better understand this teeming artistic milieu, which is sometimes difficult to access for the average person, what could be simpler than a lunch allowing us to discuss, in a small group, with a great witness of the Parisian art market.

Comments from Jérôme POGGI

The young and rare Parisian gallery owner has been selected for 5 consecutive years. This is a record out of the 186 present. Jerôme Poggi, recently settled in the heart of Paris at 2 rue Beaubourg. After training at a prestigious school and a doctorate in art history, he chose to leave the institutional environment to create his own gallery. In addition, he helps 15 artists to integrate the art market internationally.

Just as in the 19th century, artists and dealers help each other to approach collectors. New forms of cooperation are established between the "New sponsors" and the artists, to lead to the creation of works in a goal of general interest (new forms of cooperation with Societies). The private and public initiatives are a dynamic of the artistic creation.

Contemporary artists in rupture

The most striking aspect of this day, rich in discoveries of intellectual paths and questioning about the meaning of life, is the general atmosphere that emerges from all the "pieces" presented. It is necessary to know how to question the certainties of the past: to forget the notions of the beautiful and the aesthetic and to feel the sharing of an emotion or to see a reality of the world as well in its brutality and the doubts raised by the expression of the artistic sensitivity.

Can you define what is a "Solo Show", "a piece", "a performance", the difference between conceptual art and New Realism? The deciphering of contemporary art requires an appropriation of new concepts that are to be lived rather than read. You can also consult the Kunstkompass or, and to know the ranking of the galleries, read the "Palmarès Quemin" or search for the "big four". Surprisingly for some unknown names, the hierarchy of artists and their value is established in millions of dollars for the first of these rankings.

We are entering a new era that uses its own vocabulary, its own trends, its own breaks with the past, all of whom want to be part of the 21st century, even if it means not being fully understood by all their contemporaries. The collectors had done their "preview" market before the FIAC opened to the public and are already looking forward to the next event in New York.

However, the magazine l'ŒIL reminds us that "works under 25,000 euros represent 90% of the lots offered at public sales", which leaves us with a chance to acquire some!