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Expertise and Inventory

1 - Appraisals and valuations

Specialized in theappraisal and valuation of furniture and precious objects for 20 years, we take into account the variations in value according to the different markets. 

Our areas of expertise are linked to our degrees in art history and gemmology. Above all, our experience is based on practical experience and analysis of appraisal reports. 

We examine the origin and authenticity of the pieces. Estimates of your goods will be adapted to your needs. They vary according to the purpose: insurance, purchase, resale or transmission. 

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2 - Inventories for insurance purposes

A true asset management tool, the inventory is an expert report. It accurately describes the style, composition and condition of every item in a home. This includes furniture and precious objects. 

Depending on the purpose, we can carry out different types of inventories. We intervene for an inventory in view of insurance, conservation or inheritance in partnership with a qualified auctioneer.

Package from €900 incl. VAT for an inventory of up to €50,000 of moveable assets (jewelry, watches and more) in the Monaco-Nice-Cannes area. 

Tailor-made quotations in partnership with a qualified auctioneer or gemmological laboratory if required.

3 - Art and jewelry mediation

Digital art and new tools such as blockchain, metavers and artificial intelligence have overturned aesthetic codes and the valuation of contemporary works of art. We can guide you as consultants in your projects related to the art and luxury market. 

We can also help youacquire and resell works of art and furniture from all periods to auction houses in France and Monaco. We can put you in touch with the professionals we know, depending on your specialities. 

Also in the jewelry field, we work with you to co-create a unique jewel in precious metals. From the choice of gems to the creation of a unique, personalized piece, we accompany you every step of the way, according to your budget, estimated from €1,200. Thanks to new technologies such as 3D, we can produce several projects before launching the manufacturing process in a local workshop. 

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